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The Rocky Mountain Youth Leadership Foundation (RMYLF) was incorporated in 1990 as a Colorado nonprofit foundation and was granted 501(c)(3) IRS status. The first RMYL Conference (RMYLC), held in 1993 with 17 students at the Colorado Springs School in Colorado Springs, was the beginning of an annual five-day event.  See the RMYLC primer for more information about student attendence and number of high schools represented and a brief slide show about Conference activities.

Flag Ceremony (Top); Group Picture (Middle); Small Group Presentation (Bottom)

By 1996, over 50 students attended the event, held that year at the United States Air Force Academy.  In 2001, the conference was moved to its present location at Colorado State University – Pueblo (CSU-Pueblo); typically, around 90 – 100 students attend the conference from more than 30 Front Range high schools in the Colorado Springs, Canyon City, Pueblo, and Denver areas. The RMYLF has no paid staff – it is an all-volunteer organization dedicating its resources toward the annual RMYLC.  All students attend on full scholarships provided by sponsoring civic-minded individuals and organizations. Student attendees’ only costs are travel expenses involved in getting to and from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (a new location starting in 2018). During the conference, the students are housed in a university dorm and eat in the student cafeteria, giving them a taste of college life. The conference is strictly chaperoned.

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See the 2018 Conference Information page and the 2017 Conference Highlights page.

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