In addition to informative and lively presentations by subject matter experts, experiential learning is accomplished through single-tasking (rather than multitasking) where students develop concentration skills via competitive teamwork exercises (students are assigned to 8-10 person teams called Color Groups).  Collaboration and communication tools and strategies are also stressed.  Distractions are kept to a minimum to accomplish the conference learning objectives.  Single-tasking promotes character, discipline, leadership and tempers procrastination.

Learning Objectives

The Rocky Mountain Youth Leadership Conference (RMYLC) provides an experiential and classroom educational forum for all attendees, developing leadership, patriotism and free enterprise competencies for young leaders. 


Students are provided with multiple opportunities to build leadership skills through a lecture, project, and team environment


Students participate in a variety of patriotic activities and challenges to create their own definition of what it means to be a patriot

Free Enterprise

Multiple speakers give enlightening lectures about the free enterprise system, including teaching basic financial practices


Most frequent questions and answers

The conference will be held June 20-24, 2022 at UCCS.  We are not a day camp and the agenda is front-loaded to establish a solid baseline in teamwork for the rest of the conference.  Students are expected to arrive Monday between 8:00-10:00am.  Students who cannot arrive before 1:00pm on Monday, may not attend.

A tentative schedule is posted HERE, and will be finalized by May 2022. There will be activities during the entire day, focusing on leadership, patriotism, and free enterprise.

The topics and biographies of the past presenters can be found HERE.  When the schedule for 2021 is finalized, the list of 2021 speakers will be HERE.


The conference is open to students who have completed their junior year of high school by mid-June.  Select rising juniors and high school graduates may be nominated to attend.

The school’s RMYLF Liaison solicits interested students via the high school point of contact (HSPOC) in  January-February of the conference year.  Students are nominated by their HSPOC.  Nominated students are directed to this website’s Conference Application tab to complete their application in March.  Their HSPOC reviews the applications and assists the RMYLF Registrar in selection students to be offered the opportunity to attend. The RMYLF Selection Committee makes its final selections from the list of nominees in early May. If selected for attendance at the Conference, the student and the HSPOC are promptly notified by text and/or email.

Once the student is selected, he or she is required to go to this website again and fill out the conference Registration Form. This form requires strict attention and speedy completion by attendees not later than the mid-May.  This is also an opportune time to obtain/review an electronic copy of the Student Handbook (a link to the 2021 version is on the Home Page) where attendees can study conference requirements.  Prior to the Conference any updates and final instructions will be emailed to attendees.

The specific schedule for application and registration is HERE.

The 2022 RMYLC student body will be selected by a specific process. Conference applicants must be recommended by their High School POCs. To identify your HSPOC, contact us with your high school name at

Selection is made according to the schedule below (CY2021): 

January—March – HS POCs visited with updates from RMYLF
March – HS POCs identify and nominate candidates
March 8 – Nominee Applications OPEN – Online applicationssubmitted
April 16 – Nominee Application CLOSED
April 19-28 – HSPOC Applications Reviews
April 29-30 – RMYLF Admissions Board – Student Selections
May 3 – Selectees, Parents, and HSPOCs Notified; Registration OPEN
May 21 – Student Registration CLOSED
May 3 – June 4 Alternates Notified (as required)
June 4 – DEADLINE for Alternate Registration
June 5-15 – Color Group and Room Assignments
June 21 –  Conference In-Processing @ the University of Colorado—Colorado Springs

The conference administrative and logistical requirements can be found in the Student Handbook on the Parent/Student Info page.  In particular, pay attention to the pages “What to Bring” and “What Not to Bring.”  There is also a strict policy that bans all Electronic Communication Devices (ECDs) for the duration of the Conference in order to promote the Conference learning objectives.  ECDs include but are not limited to laptop computers, cell/smart phones, tablets, IPads, or similar devices.  ECDs brought to the conference will be collected from the students during Check-In on Monday, held securely in the conference command center, and returned to them on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

What About More Information for the Parents of Student Attendees?

Parents may learn more about the venue and environment of the Rocky Mountain Youth Leadership Conference by clicking on the UCCS website.

Parents and students may access the following for more information about the conference. The previous year’s Student Handbook contains some information that my be useful. The current year’s Student Handbook is being edited and will be available in final form in late March.

RMYLC Fact Sheet
2019 Student Handbook