2018 Conf Info

What is the Summer Conference About?

The Rocky Mountain Youth Leadership Conference (RMYLC) provides an experiential and classroom educational forum for all attendees. The Conference provides an educational experience that develops leadership, patriotism and free enterprise competencies for young leaders. Distractions are kept to a minimum to accomplish the conference learning objectives.

Small Group Activities

In addition to informative and lively presentations by subject matter experts, experiential learning is accomplished through single tasking (rather than multi-tasking) where students develop concentration skills via competitive teamwork exercises (students are assigned to 8-10 person teams called Color Groups).   Collaboration and communication tools and strategies are also stressed. Single tasking promotes character, discipline, leadership and tempers procrastination.

Students at a Presentation

The RMYLC is held at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs over a five-day period (see below).  Students are housed in a college dormitory with group counsellors and other adults acting as chaperones.

What is the 2018 Conference Schedule (Subject to Change)

The next conference will be held in late June 25-29, 2018.





Monday 8:00 – 10:00AM Registration/Unpack/Color Group Bonding/Color Group Photos. Attendees should not report earlier than 8AM. Kettle Creek Reception Hall
12:00 Noon Lunch Roaring Forks Dining Hall
1:00PM Welcome & Orientation General Classroom
2:00 – 4:15PM Session 1: “Leadership and Ethics;” Dave Keller, Leader and Educator General Classroom
6:00PM Dinner Roaring Forks Dining Hall
7:00PM Color Group Mixer Dorm Recreation Area
8:30PM Essay Assignment Dorm Room
10:30PM Lights Out (Firm!) Dorm Room
Tuesday 6:30AM Greet the New Day Outside Dorm
7:10AM Flag Raising/Breakfast Flag Pole/Roaring Forks Dining Hall
8:45- 10:45AM Session 2: “Free Enterprise System/Capitalism;” Mr. Mike Diamond:  Educator/Marketing/ Business and DECA Teacher General Classroom
11:00 – 11:45AM Session 3: “Leadership Session/Intro to Awesome Power;” Conference Director General Classroom
12:00 Noon Lunch Roaring Forks Dining Hall
1:00 – 2:24PM Session 4: “Leadership and Patriotism as a POW;’ Captain, USN (Ret.) Mike McGrath General Classroom
3:00PM Color Group Activity SGR
5:00PM Flag Lowering Ceremony/Dinner Flag Pole/Pack Cafe
6:30PM Organized Activity/Mixer/Teambuilding Kettle Creek Reception Hall
10:00PM Lights Out Dorm Room
Wednesday 6:30AM Greet the New Day Outside Dorm
7:10AM Flag Raising/Breakfast Flag Pole/Roaring Forks Dining Hall
8:00AM Color Group Activity/Awesome Power In Process Review SGR
10:30 – 11:45AM Session 5: ““Leadership with Social Media and Technology;” Mr. Mark Ploff: Retired Law Officer and Consultant General Classroom
12:00 Noon Lunch Roaring Forks Dining Hall
1:00 – 2:45PM Session 6: “Patriots and Leadership;” Nathan Watanabe, Leader and Educator General Classroom
3:00PM Teambuilding Activities /Gym/Rec Center
5:00PM Flag Lowering Ceremony/Dinner Flag Pole/Roaring Forks Dining Hall
7:00PM Color Group Activity/Awesome Power Final Team Solution SGR
10:00PM Lights Out Dorm Room
Thursday 6:30AM Greet the New Day Outside Dorm
7:10AM Flag Raising/Breakfast Flag Pole/Roaring Forks Dining Hall
8:00 – 9:00AM Final Leadership Activity
Essay Oral Presentation
General Classroom
9:45 – 11:45AM Session 7: “Student Leadership in the School and Community Setting” – Mike Donahue General Classroom l
12:00 Noon Lunch Roaring Forks Dining Hall
1:00PM Final Exam: Color Group Awesome Power Presentations General Classroom
6:00PM Awards Banquet/Presentations/Final Night Social Activity Berger Hall
11:00PM Lights Out Dorm Room
Friday 7:30AM Breakfast Roaring Forks Dining Hall
8:30 – 9:00AM Critique/Closing Activity Roaring Forks Dining Hall
NLT 10:00AM Out process – Pack, Clear Dorm Room (Return Meal Card & Key) and Bid Your Goodbyes! Kettle Creek Reception Hall

Who Will be Speaking?

The topics and biographies of the tentative presenters can be found here.

Who Can Attend?

Attendees are usually incoming high school seniors from Front Range high schools who have displayed leadership among their peers.  Some incoming juniors may also be invited.

What is Student Selection Process and Timeline?

March is crunch time!

The school’s RMYLF point of contact solicits interested students via the high school point of contact (POC) in March time frame of the conference year. Nominated students are directed to this website’s Conference Application tab to complete and return their application forms via email in early April to their high school POC , who in turn reviews the form.  The school point of contact then rank orders his students and forwards the associated application forms in late April to the RMYLF Selection Committee. This committee makes its final selections by the end of April. If selected for attendance at the Conference, the student and the high school POC are promptly notified by text and/or email.

RMYLF Board Meeting

RMYLF Board Meeting

Once the student is selected, he or she is required to go to this website again and fill out the additional conference forms. These forms require attention and speedy return to the Foundation by attendees. One of these forms in particular, is essential — a Medical Release form which must be notarized, signed by the parent/guardian, and returned via regular mail to the address shown below not later than the mid-May.  This is also an opportune time to obtain/review an electronic copy of the Student Handbook (see below) where attendees can study conference requirements.  Prior to the Conference any updates and final instructions will be emailed to attendees.

What Do I Need? (Student Packet)

There is a strict policy prohibiting ECDs.

The conference administrative and logistical requirements can be found in the Student Handbook (DRAFT).  In particular, pay attention to the pages “What to Bring” and “What Not to Bring.”  There is also a strict policy that bans all Electronic Communication Devices (ECDs) for the duration of the Conference in order to promote the Conference learning objectives. ECDs include but are not limited to laptop computers, cell/smart phones, tablets, IPads, or similar devices.

What About More Information for the Parents of Student Attendees?

Parents may learn more about the venue and environment of the Rocky Mountain Youth Leadership Conference by clicking on the university of Colorado – Colorado Springs website and reviewing the conference Student Handbook (DRAFT).